Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov Frankly Tells about the Most Astonishing Sex Gossips

ex-lawyer Max Polyakov

Relations are a difficult and bewildering process, but one thing is definite: one of the most important thing while dating is sexual affairs. Sometimes partners cheat each other, because not everyone desires to be monogamous. Faithlessness is a predominantly noteworthy situation among stars. Once a star starts dating or gets married, the mass media covers each their step. Nevertheless, not only prominent media resources reveal such information. Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov from South Korea was a bystander of more than a few earnest porn scandals. He writes a blog where takes an active part in talking over such delicate events.

Prominent movie maker Weinstein and his sexual affairs

Perhaps everyone who is interested in Hollywood life knows a well-known film producer Harvey Weinstein. Max Polyakov turned to be the person who unearth all the secrets about porn scandal associated with this individuality. Some ladies accused the famous producer of an aggressive porn harassment, the amount of plaintiffs became increasing because it occurred that he had vexed his colleagues as well as actresses in order them to get a role.

Weinstein vowed them to give a support with the acting career and playing key role. Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd and other prominent women from his company accused him overtly.

After the announcement of this exclusive information about the inadmissible deeds, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow joined the charge. This juicy scandal has influenced the entire Hollywood movie business and even American politicians didn’t maintain aloofness.

Max Polyakov gives facts about 13 ladies who became a victim of an outstanding movie creator during 25 years. Additionally, 16 ex and current workers of the corporations knew about claims. As Max Polyakov mentioned, Harvey Weinstein established eight harmonious agreements with those individuals who brought an action against him of undesirable physical actions and sexual harassment. These women achieved a tidy sum for keeping their sex relationships in secret. They cannot cooperate with journalists.

After a big scandal The Weinstein Company shareholders closed down its founder Harvey Weinstein. At the moment they are planning to change the name of the holding. Soon the producer’s wife Georgina Chapman proclaimed that she left him and they would divorce. Max Polyakov says that Weinstein wishes the incidents had never happened and deplores his improper behavior. He is sorry he behaved so badly with his co-workers and hurt deeply their feelings. He is eager to turn over a new leaf. Now Harvey Weinstein attends the professional psychologists, but it is always a place for striving for perfection. He asks for forgiveness and hopes one day the women will trust him.

All at once, Mr. Weinstein rejects the mass media’s charges and assert that if he had had sexual interaction with his colleagues or actresses, it was only conventionally.

Max Polyakov assured that such state of affairs seized an exceptional prospect to discuss no less thought-provoking porno disgraces. He also prefers to monitor all resembling news and cover them in his posts.

Kevin Spacey caused a sensation destroying his career in 10 days

Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov tells about sex gossips from the world of show business

Max Polyakov also didn’t miss possibility to talk about sex-chat scandal related with an outstanding actor Kevin Spacey. He gives information about eight personalities from the cast of the show «House of Cards» asserted against their partner Kevin Spacey, announcing him harassed. The point is that they did it in disguise, only the «Star Trek» star Anthony Rapp had a courage to make public himself. He asserted that Spacey enticed him at one of the after parties, when he was only 14. Consequently, press secretary and acting agency declined to collaborate with Mr. Spacey.

After this scandalous occasion, the company stopped the production of the sixth season of the TV-show. On the word of Max Polyakov weblog, the man who cooperated with Kevin in the first season muster up courage and gave facts about his state of affairs. Another worker of the company, an ex-production assistant, told about the occasion in the car. Kevin gently touched his leg. When this the old misunderstanding has cropped up again all Hollywood was simply shocked.

Additionally, being afraid to be jailed, Mr. Spacey showed an entire status for failure, which was expectable. Stacey Wolfe, his assistant, has already quit collaboration, and the members of the International Television Academy have noticed that Kevin Spacy wouldn’t be awarded the Emmy. Recently Mr. Spacy closely worked with Creative Artists Agency, but it refused to support him and said that nothing can justify such bad behavior. The developers of the film «All the Money in the World» denied to support Kevin to be rewarded the «Oscar». And Kevin hasn’t a leg to stand on.

Max Polyakov gives the essential facts that the reason of such ugly deeds came back to his early ages. In recent times it was discovered that his father was a pedophile. He committed a rape towards the elder brother and hit Kevin over the head with a baseball bat. A lot of film industry representatives have constantly protested against the harassment. Most of them asked to stay unknown and were frightened to give away people who exposed them to sexual coercion.

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Brett Ratner’s porn incident concerning a movie about Hugh Hefner

Recently Playboy Company has interrupted all operations concerning Brett Ratner, who had an intention to create a movie about popular magazine founder Hugh Hefner. Max Polyakov mentions that the star Jared Leto corroborated Rather would not be in the crew. The main reason is totally intolerable behavior or more precisely sexual harassment, which occurred towards six women such as Olivia Mann, Natasha Henstridge, Jamie Ray Newman and Catherine Town. Thus the company made a decision to suspend the improvement of projects in collaboration with RatPac Entertainment until the incident will be settled.

Furthermore, Brett had a plan to refresh the TV show «Playboy after Dark» where Hefner was the host in early 60s. Brett Ratner contradict all as he says trumped-up charges. Nonetheless, simultaneously he brought to a resolution to quit the teamwork with Warner Bros. for a time.

Hot public sexual scandal: 38 ladies indicted James Toback of physical constraint

Max Polyakov let us get to know about James Toback, an outstanding movie director and screenwriter who confessed committing sexual harassment towards 38 actresses during his career.

Afterwards progressively more affronted people started to clue about the porn violence. For someone it might be astonishing but among offended people there are not only ladies but men as well.

The prominent actress Alisa Milano established the flesh mob «Me too». Due to this hashtag, candid sex-chat accounts are written by thousands victims in social networks. Their quantity is increasing day by day with the intention of different stories that are would be spread worldwide. Max Polyakov says that sometimes it is hard to accept as true in some of them because of their violence.

In the meantime, Max Polyakov made his own self-regulating research about well-known and respectable 72-year-old producer. One of the suffered people was radio host Sari Kamin. In 2003 her desire was to be a popular actress. She met Mr. Toback and he guaranteed to assist her to receive the man role. Once they had dinner together in the restaurant. Then James Toback convinced the Sari to spend night with him. In the hotel room he asked her to take off everything she wore. Of course Miss Kamin denied this dirty proposition. As a result, the man shout at the top of his voice, so she let him have it and stripped herself naked. Toback committed aggression against poor lady so she was traumatized and depressed.

Nevertheless, Mr. Toback pleaded not guilty and insisted that he had never met these women. The man has his will and mentions that even if he dated some of these ladies, the meeting was so short that he even didn’t think of it.

Fashion photographers and their porn scandals

The main and most essential theme in mass media is sex violence. Wit is spread and discussed not only in Hollywood but all over the world. In addition to well-known stars, Max Polyakov has written an article about famous fashion professional photographers. Mario Testino and Bruce Weber are also the participants of ugly sex events.

Max Polyakov published a post after the article in widespread periodical, where photographers’ colleagues and models complained about sexual harassment towards them. The publication shows that for the duration of photoshoots Mario and Bruce compelled models to tease their body and stimulate the genitals.

It is sufficient to say that several months ago these photographers considered to be the most demanded cherished specialists in fashion business. Conversely, both Weber and Testino don’t agree with these charges and call them to be trumped-up.

Woody Allen and the family violence

Ex-lawyer Max Polyakov tells about sex scandals

Max Polyakov wrote in his blog an attention-grabbing article about Woody Allen and his daughter Dylan Farrow. He mentioned that his daughter blamed him in insulting her at the age of seven.

Woody Allen is incessantly captured in history of movie making. He is concidered to be one of the most prominent directors worldwide. His works are recurrently presented with the high-status accolades and awards. Though, always punctilious and outstanding Allen is not perfect when it comes to his family relations.

It happened four years ago when foster daughter gave an interview to an eminent magazine and mentioned that her legendary step-father had abused when she was a little child. It initiated a deep resonance in among the public but soon people forgot about it. Being Woody Allen’s lawyer Max Polyakov depicted this story in details in order people remember that sexual crime couldn’t go unpunished.

Allen and his managers reject all the charges. He explains that he loved his daughter as a father. Everything happens because of her mother who made moral coercion.

Conversely, the daughter asserts his guiltiness and in the last dialogue with CBS, she makes everyone to be sure that those events were real.

James Franco and his another sex adventure

This time Max Polyakov talks about one of the most talented actors, an outstanding director and brilliant producer James Franko. But nobody is perfect – recently James was accused of pedophilia, to be more precise, in the depravity of a youngish actress. It is sufficient to say that Franko used to be in different porn scandals – starting from the naked photos in the Instagram and ending sex-chat accusations.

Curiously, Franco, who has just obtained his second Golden Globe award for his brilliant acting in «The Disaster Artist» is a follower of the Time's Up association, conveying cohesion with the sufferers of Hollywood's porn violence.

This time the harmed person is the actress Violet Paley, who told that James Franco had exposed her to oral indecency when she was a teenager. Well along another young woman claimed that Franco forced her to take off her clothes in front of the camera and almost didn’t pay anything.

James made a confutation, accentuating that he has never read what silly things are written about him in the press. Those events were totally fallacious. But these gossips seriously damaged his status and were the reason of the problems with his girlfriend and professional life.


Hollywood film industry now is different and nobody will be quiet about sexual violence anymore. These porn scandals made the victims to speak.

This day and age, when all social networks assist to let know about harassment practically at any minute now, it turned out to be clear that many of the prominent personalities of film production will be brought to justice. But not only celebrities became victims. Many other women write about it on the social networks. Max Polyakov assures everybody that soon all porn affairs will be covered in the periodicals and even on TV.