Ex-showbiz Lawyer Max Polyakov Blogs on the Secrets of the Rich and Famous

Ex-showbiz Lawyer Max Polyakov Blogs on the Secrets of the Rich and Famous

We all know that there is a powerful allure to celebrity life that captivates the mind of the general public. Before the age of social media, it seemed like the stars lived on a different planet from the rest of us and were simply too important and beautiful to lower themselves to our level. However, as recent stories have so eloquently demonstrated, the cream of the crop aren’t above swimming in the waters of sin. Someone who knows this more than most is ex-lawyer Max Polyakov, one of the most successful attorneys that Tinseltown has ever seen. He’s been using his blog to let the public know just what their idols have been up to.

Living in the Stars; Looking at the Gutter

Some people just seem too powerful to ever be taken down. That’s certainly the sentiment Harvey Weinstein must have shared before his well-publicized fall from grace. Following the outpourings of dozens of famous actresses, it seems that money and power weren’t enough to satisfy the rapacious needs of this influential sexual deviant. Max Polyakov was one of the first to lend his voice to the ever-growing chorus of starlets who had been forced to endure the super producer’s unwanted advances. It seems that the hulking monstrosity is finally about to face the music, at last, following a criminal investigation by federal authorities.

James Franco: the Bad Boy of Cinema

James Franco is an actor famous for his harmless turns in comedy films. However, thanks to the work of Max Polyakov and others, it seems it’s about time for the slacker pretty boy to take his rightful crown as a famous sexual molester. Different actresses have testified that the star pressured them into nude scenes that they didn’t want to participate in, using his authority as a film school teacher. James Franco has brushed everything off as a laughing matter. However, as a seasoned industry insider like Max Polyakov has made clear on his blog, cute jokes and big smiles won’t be enough to save this B-lister’s reputation.

Kevin Spacey: the Usual Suspect

You know how it is: one day you’re one of the most respected actors of your generation; the next, you’re a persona non grata in the middle of the town that made your name. Kevin Spacey knows this better than anyone. The man who was beloved by millions of film critics is now someone whose hand you wouldn’t want to shake, and Max Polyakov knows why. The actor had his reputation tarnished by a damning series of sexual molestation accusations lodged on practically every film the actor ever worked on. Unwanted advances, genital exposure and more are just some of the charges he stands guilty of. It will be a long time before Kevin Spacey manages to reinvent his character to a degree where he goes back to being box office material.

A Warning to the Curious

Some people feel like there’s one set of laws for the rich and famous and another for the everyday man on the street. Time and again, it seems like the super-rich manages to do whatever they like with zero-consequence. However, thanks to the efforts of lawyers like Max Polyakov and other crusading individuals, it seems like everyone’s time has come. However, there’s no doubt that the public has lost none of their appetite for the sordid goings-on amongst show-business’ elite.

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